2018 National Family Month Celebration, Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan


On 3 November 2018, CyberSecurity Malaysia participated in the National Family Month Celebration 2018 organized by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) at LPPKN Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan.

The National Family Month celebration 2018 themed “Keluargaku Sayang” in line with 2018 International Family Day, "Family and Community Inclusive" by United Nations. The program was officiated by YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Dr. Wan Ismail, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.

CyberSecurity Malaysia promoted products and services through the exhibition while CyberSAFE Quest exposed the general public to the importance of cyber security.

Lt Col Mustafa Ahmad, Senior Vice President, Outreach and Capacity Building Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia becomes a Moderator at a forum titled "Parenting in Nature" and Edwan Aidid from the Outreach and Corporate Communications Department became a panellist at the “Bual Santai” to discuss cyber security issues.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's participation in this program successfully disseminated the importance of cyber-security to the public, especially families and parents, to become I.T literate and responsible digital citizens.

7th International Conference on Informatics and Applications 2018, Takamatsu, Japan


CyberSecurity Malaysia presented a research paper at 7th International Conference on Informatics and Applications 2018 in Takamatsu, Japan organized by Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC).

Wira Zanoramy Ansiry Bin Zakaria from Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team represented CyberSecurity Malaysia and presented on “Ransomware Detection”.

National Cyber Security Awareness Module Pilot Project, Kuala Lumpur


On 13 to 15 November, 2018, CyberSecurity Malaysia conducted National Cyber Security Module Awareness Module Project (Modul Adab Dalam Talian). The Pilot project was jointly organized by the Education Technology Division (BTP), Ministry of Education Malaysia.

This Pilot Project aimed to collect feedback from teachers and students on each module to ensure it adheres to Ministry of Education’s standards. This project was implemented in ten schools in Selangor and the Federal Territory. Below are participating schools : -

      a. SMK Lembah Keramat (13/11/2018)
      b. Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil (13/11/2018)
      c. Sekolah Seni Malaysia KL (13/11/2018)
      d. SMK Putrajaya Presint 8(1) (13/11/2018
      e. SK Cyberjaya (14/11/2018)
      f. SK Jalan Empat Bangi (14/11/2018)
      g. SK Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (2) (15/11/2018)
      h. SJK (C) Subang (15/11/2018)
      i. SAMT Kuala Kubu Bharu (15/11/2018)
      j. SK Bukit Damansara (16/11/2018)

Through this pilot project, the development of modules can be streamlined and successfully implemented at schools in the future.

23rd IEEE Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunication (FRUCT) Conference, Bologna, Germany


CyberSecurity Malaysia presented a research paper at 23rd IEEE Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunication (FRUCT) Conference, Bologna, Germany on 13 to 16 November 2018.

The conference organized by IEEE Finnish-Russian University Cooperation is a platform for academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research findings on aspects of delivering, long-term planning in the field of Internet of Thing (IoT).

Nasrul Taufiq Bin Salleh from Malaysia Vulnerability Assessment Center (MyVAC) represented CyberSecurity Malaysia presented a research on “Comparison on Scorecard and Dashboard in Smart Water Monitoring Application”.

18th Asian Information Security Meeting, Seoul, Korea


On 21 and 22 November 2018, CyberSecurity Malaysia attended 18th Asian Information Security Meeting in Seoul, Korea.

The program organized by Privacy Security Enhancement Forum is held to share knowledge, exchange ideas on information security strategies, policies and best practices; ensuring the standardization of safety-related activities in the Asian region; provide mechanisms that can be used as follow-up on Asia's policy requirements on issues of information security standards and harmonize standard work programs effectively between the organizations involved in order to avoid conflicts or overlapping efforts.

CyberSecurity Malaysia was represented by Sabariah Ahmad and Ida Rajemee Ramlee from Safety and Best Practices Management department. They delivered a presentation entitled 'Malaysia Cyber Security Risk Register'.

In this meeting CyberSecurity Malaysia strengthened its position in the field of Information Security standards as well as discussed new issues and created collaborative business links in the Asian region.

3rd International Conference Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering 2018 (AMCSE 2018), Rome, Italy


CyberSecurity Malaysia presented a research paper at 3rd International Conference Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering 2018 (AMCSE 2018) organized by Informatics LAB, Hellenic Army Academy, Department of Military Science / Faculty of Mathematics & Engineering Sciences, Greece in collaboration with ITM web of Conferences, in Rome, Italy

Wan Zariman Omar from Cryptology Development Department represented CyberSecurity Malaysia. Ts. Dr. Solahudin bin Shamsuddin, Chief Technology Officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia also participated in this conference.

OIC-CERT Annual Conference 2018, Shiraz, Iran


On 27 until 30 November 2018, Computer Emergency Response Team - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC-CERT) Annual Conference 2018 was held in Shiraz, Iran. It was organized by Iran Information Technology Organization (ITO), MAHER CERT Coordination Center of Iran (MAHER), Shiraz University with OIC-CERT.

The conference involving 197 participants from 8 countries aimed to provide a channel of information sharing, discuss current issues of cyber security, technical sessions and exchange experiences to increase cyber security administration efficiency. In addition, the conference also provides a platform for member countries to discuss strategic directions and challenges thus enhancing cooperation in the field of cyber security among members.

During the event, the 9th OIC-CERT Board Meeting was also held to discuss on strategic direction and progress of program implementation. At this meeting, OIC-CERT appointed a new OIC-CERT Board Member for the 2019/2020 term and OIC-CERT Workshop organized by OIC-CERT General Shiraz University was held.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's participation in this conference strengthened ties between Malaysia and other countries internationally. In addition, it enhances Malaysia's ability to deal with cyber threats through information sharing, expertise, research and best practices with computer emergency response teams from OIC-CERT member countries.

Ministry of Communication and Multimedia (KKMM) ICT Day Program, Putrajaya


CyberSecurity Malaysia participated in Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) ICT Day at Putrajaya on November 28, 2018. The event was officiated by YBhg. Dato' Dr. Mohd Ali Mohamad Nor, Secretary General, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.

With the theme "Digital Lifestyle” the one-day program organized by Compliance and Control Division is aimed to enabling holistic digital cultures to enhance the creative and innovative insane capital and foster a sense of cooperation and establish close and cordial communication between Ministry ICT staff and Departments / Agency.

Various activities were held throughout the program including ICT exhibition which was participated by various departments and agencies under KKMM as well as industry representatives, and ICT talks and lucky draws. More than 200 ministerial visited CyberSecurity Malaysia exhibition featuring corporate information, services, cyber security awareness issues and training programs under the Global ACE Scheme. CyberSecurity Malaysia conducted awareness talk on "Online Transaction Awareness" presented by Mohd Zabri Adil Bin Talib from Digital Forensic Department.

CyberSecurity Malaysia successfully introduced the agency’s role and function as well as established a good relation with Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.